James P. Habovick, March 12, 1935 – July 20, 2011

The Indian Harbour Beach Fire Department sadly announces the passing of our Brother and Mentor, Retired Fire Marshal James “Hap” Habovick on July 20, 2011. Brother Habovick bravely fought cancer for the past year always maintaining that fighting spirit and “Hap” attitude. Hap will be missed by all who knew him, some have fond memories and some have nightmares, but everyone will always remember that larger than life personality. Inside that sometimes rough exterior and boisterous tone was a man who would do everything he could to help anyone in need. Mourn his passing but rejoice the life of a kind man. There are many many “Hap” stories, share one here so his memory will live on forever. To see stories or comments about Hap click on comments above.

Thank you for 30 years of watching over the cities of Indian Harbour Beach and Satellite Beach to make sure they had “A FIRE SAFE DAY”.

James P. Habovick you have answered your final call, Rest In Peace Brother Hap.


  1. Samantha Turner says:

    Great Article !!! Hap we love you, you will Definitely will be missed. Thank you for always making me laugh when you came in i really did enjoy it 🙂

  2. Over my 18 yrs with the City of Indian Harbour Beach I have accumulated many memories working with Hap. He was quite the character. I endured a daily serenade by Hap of “How Great Thou Art”, immediately followed by his shout of “sex drugs and rock and roll!”… both preceded by the daily ringing of the alarm in the elevator, then my having to adjust the number ‘2’ inside the elevator that Hap would always turn upside down. It became a ritual. Hap and I battled the bulge for as long as we’ve known eachother, always comparing failed weight loss methods. I had the honor of seeing Hap the day before he passed away. His final words to me were “Kim, I finally found the secret to losing weight”. His sense of humor intact right up until the end. So in honor of my buddy Hap .. .. “How great you art, sex drugs and rock and roll” … and a drop of crazy glue on that upside down number 2 in the elevator! You are loved and will be missed!

  3. pat coombs says:

    Hap would come into dispatch when I was there and would always make me laugh and would sometimes tell me that I was 30 seconds late doing the fire page. Only HE would count the seconds.
    Rest of peace old friend.

  4. Pat Fallon says:

    “Let me tell you son………”

    Hap, God Bless You and May You Rest in Peace.

  5. Patricia Anderson says:

    I didn’t know Hap very well but he always had a smile. I met his daughter and grandchildren. I know they will miss him. God bless all of them and remember all the good times shared with him. Pat Anderson

  6. Jim McKillop says:

    For the IHBVFD Hap was out teacher and protector, he was our first line of defense. He designed many of the fire systems we have in our larger condos ensuring residents and “his” firefighters would be safe. Hap was my mentor, teaching me everything he could about Fire and Life Safety over and over. When I was training with Hap it was like a good cop bad cop routine. He would go into a business with the roar of a Category 5 Hurricane get everyone stirred up then calmly sit down and say “son you go inspect now I’ll wait here”.
    Hap on the fire ground, “I need rubber gloves, “I need a flashlight”, “I need a camera”, “Hey dummy come over here and help me up!”, “Hey where is your wife, I need that girl to take pictures for me”.
    Hap would say to me “Hey Jim I’m something else aren’t I” after we left one of his loud inspections.
    Yes Hap you were something else, there will never be another Hap. I am honored and thankful to have been able to spend time learning from this man, he was a wealth of Fire Safety knowledge. Rest in Peace Brother, continue to watch over us.

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